Be careful when shooting film in hot weather – Example of over-heated Kodak Advantix 400

June 6th, 2011

(continue from my previous post on APS film)

Finally I’ve finished a roll of APS Kodak Advantix 400 film (25 exposures), after nearly 3 months of shooting (since March 2011). Using a point-n-shoot camera like Canon ELPH LT actually slows down my pace. As the camera’s lens is not for bokeh thingy (blur background), it becomes hard to find a frame that is… nice when everything from near to far are all in focus. Anyway, I just have the roll developed and scanned by Grace Digital last week. Kinda disappointed as the scans came back with heavy noise (grainy) and strange red color cast (some lomo user may like this effect…).

I learned from the lab that the film has been over-heated, probably during the very hot period in Singapore last month (May). Lesson learned. I tried to remove the color cast to save the pictures that I like. Interestingly, some look nicer with the red cast, so I decided to keep them original. I got a lesson to learn, and some surprisingly nice results. Guess I shouldn’t regret 🙂

Here are samples of the over-heated Kodak Advantix 400 (APS film), for your reference….

#1 – Singapore cityscape – viewing from the sea
Singapore Citiscape
#2 – A man with light & shadow/ Pioneer MRT station
Light n Shadow
#3 – Maze at shopping mall
#4 – Kids at Botanic Garden on a sunny afternoon 
(guess this is when the film got burned)
#5 – Concert at Botanic Garden
Concert @ Botanic Garden
#6 – Cute little girl
Concert @ Botanic Garden
#7 – Trees in Singapore
#10 – Isn’t it good…?


2 Responses to Be careful when shooting film in hot weather – Example of over-heated Kodak Advantix 400

  1. Mahirah says:

    Hi there,

    I see that you have very very beautiful shots from the results of an APS camera, really love how raw it looked. I was googling on users of APS cameras in Singapore and chanced upon your site. I don’t know you or your background in the related industry. But just a question, where do you get your stock/supply of APS films? I have a camera that uses that film too and finding it in singapore is like searching for snow. Its just a humble camera but I really love it. Am thinking of getting a bulk order from ebay but getting 9 pieces, 15 pieces with such a price isn’t worth it.. So I’m looking for people who wants it as well, if you get my drift. But if you do have your own and enough sources, then I’m sorry for bothering. Hear from you soon. (:

  2. Hi Mahirah,

    Thanks for visiting my site! I got stock for APS films from Ebay. The seller’s acc is aqua2209, he does sell/ship a pack of 6 rolls – which should be enough for your own usage.

    Try this link if you want

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