June 12th, 2010

About a month ago…


A: What do you want do today?
A: Well, I’m thinking of a composite photo of me talking to myself

A: Where should we start?
A: Hmm… the corner with the bed & the TV seem to create a nice composition. Plus you have the curtain and the lamp.

A: And what should we pose?
A: Just like this, you talk and I listen!

A: … and the light?
A: There is the lamp there and I like its yellow, warm color. So we put one light in that direction with full CTO. Then another light, with full green gel, will be put behind the curtain as it’s getting dark now…

A: ok, shall we start?
A: yup, what are you waiting for? Go sit over there 😀

Not so related, but this is the last photo of my self-portrait series 🙂

(Photo taken using Olympus E620, Zuiko 12-60mm SWD)

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  1. voicoi says:

    khung khip :))

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