Having fun

February 8th, 2010

The final photo is a lot different from my initial idea which was a scary/horror scene. Simply because I can’t hide under the table as expected. So I switch to this fun idea (hah, my wife is not at home, coincidentally).

(Olympus E520, Zuiko 12-60mm. Self-timer)

The lighting is pretty simple. One light (FL-36R) behind the monitor, CTB, at full power. One light (FL-50R) on camera-left, snoot tight, CTO, at 1/8 power.

It took me one and a half hour (11pm to 0h30) for shooting. Couple of hours to process, mainly for cloning “unwanted items”. Big lesson: you’d better get it right in-camera, especially the props, or wasting your time fixing it later.

Sometimes, it’s just for fun & that’s enough!


2 Responses to Having fun

  1. SeineRiver says:

    This’s neat. Love the wine bottle at the right 😉 The bikini photos are not so aligned though :p

  2. @SeineRiver: haha, never thought the photos will draw that much of your attention. Yep, I should have searched for photos of similar sizes & put them aligned to make this more complete :). Thanks bro!

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