1st day in Paris

October 22nd, 2009

The train from Frankfurt arrived Paris at 4:30pm.

On my first day here, my friend (Duc) planned to give me a tour around Paris by asking me to join his friend’s wedding photo session. It couldn’t be any better, right? 😀

We walked along River Seine, to the French version of the Statue of Liberty. At this late hour, the sky turned dark pretty fast while the available light from the street lamps was not really nice too. Not only I had to act fast to catch the blue sky, but it was also hard to ask the new couple to wait 15′ just for your lighting setup and testing. So, I went with FL-50R triggered by camera’s built-in flash, just hard light with double CTO…

The bride is Hien & the groom is Fred. Good luck & wish you two happiness, my friends 🙂

Hien & Fred

Hien & Fred

And this ended my first day in Paris, perfectly.


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