Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

November 13th, 2009
Yes, that’s what coming up in less than 3 weeks. How’s your training going? Rumor has it that there’s gonna be 2 marathon dummies in town. Yeah. That’s us. And on this lazy morning, instead of grabbing the running shoes, I dragged our dusty photos from last year out to write this blog since we probably won’t be able to take any photo this year.

We arrived at about 8am on that day. The atmosphere was amazing with the music, the cheering, the talking and laughing of so many people. It was so ‘happening’ (as a Singaporean would say).

The runners

People from all races came together in sportsmanship.


It's running time
Grown-up Dash :D

You could really see the determination and persistence in the runners’ every step of the race.

Near finishing line

Running dynamics

Even when the runners felt like there was no strength left, it was the wonderful supporters, their family, friends or even strangers, that kept them going.

Cheering smile

Precious Moment

It's a family outing too!

The marathon might be tough for grown-ups, but not for kids because they were having so much fun. They ran freely as if they were playing or chasing each other. And in most pictures we took, the kids had both their feet off the ground just like they were flying without wings. (Unlike adults, always with one foot on the ground).

Kid category

Flying without wings :D

Kids Dash

Their running styles were also kinda cute too.

Holding hands…

Cute kids

… on Daddy’s shoulder…

We have joy, we have fun...

…on Mommy’s back…

Special supporter

We had so much fun capturing these wonderful moments at the marathon last year but we’re joining the force now. So if you’ll be coming down with your camera, do share with us. We would love to see them.


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