40th anniversary of OM system: Heidelberg, Germany

March 1st, 2012

Useful tips for using film camera on travel:

  1. Carry two bodies: one loaded with normal film (ISO 100-200), one with fast film (ISO 400-800). Or one with color, one with BnW film.
  2. Use sunny-16-rule: “On a sunny day set aperture to f/16 and shutter speed to [1/ISO film speed] for a subject in direct sunlight”. Meaning for the pic below, I shot at 1/800s, f/16 for Fuji NPZ 800 film.
  3. Use hyperfocus: meaning that if I use a 28mm lens at f/11, set the focus at 3m, then everything from 1.5m to infinity will be in focus.
No shutter lag, time to focus, metering, etc… With these rules, it is even faster and easier than shooting by Point-n-Shoot camera, I guess 😉

Anyway, previous post on the series “40th anniversary of the OM system“:

Our next stop – Heidelberg, Germany

City by the River Neckar
Over the bridge
Heidelberg Heidelberg
Beautiful view from the Philosophers’ Walk
Heidelberg Heidelberg


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