Monday’s blue

January 3rd, 2010

Long weekend makes you feel “blue” for Monday, even if it is the first Monday of the new year.

I spent the last two days revising my paper while my wife studied for her coming exams. Pretty tired now. Anyway, like my friend’s status on FB “Word of the year: CHARGE!”, that should be our spirit for the coming Monday, rite?

Niederwald Monument
(Olympus E520, Zuiko 12-60mm SWD)

By the way, the photos were taken on top of a hill in Rudesheim, Germany (“google” for “Niederwald Monument”). The place offers breath-taking views of Rhein river and the nearby vineyards. (see my previous post)

Niederwald Monument

Niederwald Monument

Niederwald Monument


2 Responses to Monday’s blue

  1. SeineRiver says:

    Great photos. Wish you a good paper, wish your wife a good exam 😀

  2. @SeineRiver: wish you a great week ahead too 😛

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