Goodbye 2009

December 24th, 2009
This is probably our last photo shoot of this year. We read this article on DIY photography on how to create your own bokeh and have always wanted to test it out. With Christmas coming, where has more beautiful lights than Singapore’s Orchard road? You may say.

However, we went to Orchard earlier when the Christmas decoration had just been completed. The place was packed with people. There were big big trees on both sides of the road which blocked part of the decoration (not that I’m not a fan of trees because I am, just not in this case, they do not look good in pictures :D).
Luckily enough, we went to Dhoby Gaught 2 weeks ago and eureka, we found the perfect location with beautiful lights and clear view of the whole street for our shoot.

Before the shoot, hubby and I spent 2 nights drawing and cutting to create some bokeh shapes. It almost felt like primary school again. Eventually, we managed to make a Christmas tree shape, a heart shape, and a snowflake shape.

Our first test with the Christmas tree didn’t look so good because the lights were too big and clustered. You can still see some of Christmas trees came out, can’t you?


We figured the snowflake worked much much better with these lights.


The car light and the two people walking made the picture more dynamic



We need to make better snowflake next time though, it looks more like star to me now.
The heart shape was not used in the main street though. We found some beautiful lights in front of Cathay Cineplex (near Rendez vous Hotel). They were at the same, perfect size and colorful. It turned out to be soooo romantic.


Merry Christmas 2009

There you go, this is our Christmas postcard to all of you. Thank you for visiting and leaving us encouraging comments through out this wonderful year. Wish you a Merry Christmas and the Best Year ahead ever!!!

Merry Christmas 2009
(Canon 40D, Canon 85mm f1.8)


2 Responses to Goodbye 2009

  1. SeineRiver says:

    Hun nhau kìa he he 😀 Mai gặp nhớ tutorial đoạn này nhá 😀 Merry xmas and happy new year you two 😛

  2. Bi says:

    qua’ dep 😀

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