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December 3rd, 2009

A. Bensaïd
Like the continuity of considering photography as “the art of not pushing the button”? What exactly do you mean by that?

F. Horvat :
One difference between photography and painting (or drawing, or other forms of art) is that it takes no talent, and practically no effort, to get an image on film. A modern camera – as the one we are using right now – takes care even of focusing and exposure. All my efforts are spent in holding back, in telling myself: “No, this is not yet the best light for Alexandra, not yet her most photogenic angle, not yet her truest expression.” The reason for holding back is not only to spare some film – it’s like storing my energy, or rather my expectation; it’s letting the image I want take shape in my mind, by the very act of refusing the images I don’t want. Until the moment when I recognize, in the viewfinder, the image that I want to see – and then there is no holding back any more.


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