Our pre-wedding photos

October 21st, 2009

It is certainly a good way to start our photo-blog with some wedding photos taken by ourselves 🙂

It was a fun and tired afternoon with beautiful sky & the sun high above. Two bare flashes on one lightstand to get the power that we need. My shoot-through umbrella was actually broken when falling down because of the wind. Ants were all over the grasses & trees. After many trials, here are what we got




Hmm, you can either be a perfect groom, aka model, or a photographer, but hardly be both. Here is the rare shot of her that I got during a photo session with our friends, our official wedding photographers 🙂


The photos below were taken around 11-12pm at our house. We decided to get this studio shots at 9pm. She made up, I set up lighting and camera on tripod. Then we fought for a while. Here are the results 🙂



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