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May 7th, 2011
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(5DII Monochrome 1600, Zuiko 35mm f2.8, in Street Photography group)
I’ve been busy with other stuffs since early of this year. Less and less time with photography, especially with the post-processing of our pictures. Many shots, even in 2009, are still in the archived folders. That’s the main reason why I decide to shoot in film recently (not so convincing right? :D). It has been good so far, but quite costly due to cost of buying and developing film.

Last week I tried to set the 5D Mark II to Monochrome (BnW) mode, push a contrast level from 5 to 7, and just shoot with it. It is quite surprising that the BW tonality I got from the OM Zuiko lens and recently the Sigma 50mm f1.4, is quite pleasing. Sometime it is just too clean in ISO 400 for a BnW look (named it 5DII Monochrome 400 if you don’t mind), I prefer the 5DII Monochrome 1600 or even 6400.

This morning I do a short test with the Sigma. Shoot some portraits of Phuong for 15′. Blog for 20′. Here I’m done and gonna work on “other stuffs” again…

One more thing: since we move our Wedding thingy to a more official blog (, I can now write freely anything related to photography here, yay 😀


These two are my absolutely favorites…




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