A walk around Orchard Road…

December 5th, 2010

We had a walk around Orchard road last Saturday to see the decorations here this year.

Photos taken by my Canon Point-n-Shoot A710, in Black n White preset, ISO800, Shutter-priority mode. Simple and fast, just take pictures of what is interesting to me. Pretty much about curiosity and reaction, no message particularly, I guess.

This is about “Man and Women”…

Man and Women

A short summary about tourists in Singapore: shopping in Orchard road, hop-on bus, airlines, cable-cars in Sentosa, tradition costume, etc. Strangely, the bus is quite empty…

Tourists in Singapore - In Summary

Some abstract display in a shopping mall


Advertisement boards in Orchard…

Advertisement Board

Advertisement Board

I know Christmas’s decoration is around every corners. More to come with work in color by Admiré in the next post…



Christmas Tree


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