August 15th, 2010

Admittedly, getting old/ becoming elder has been associated with many negatives thoughts to me: sickness, pain, loneliness, being closer to the end, etc. Ironically, it could also be what pushes me to seek for the other positive sides when taking photographs of elders, such as love, caring, peace and togetherness.

This was taken in Rome. Can’t remember the place’s name, but people gather there to sell paintings, play music or just to talk. It’s like someone in the group of elders asks “What time is it?” and everybody care.


This was taken in Paris. Aside from the effect of a dirty window on the scene, the tender caring of the two people is what I like most about the shot.


A shot taken in Offenbach…


A man was fishing at the lake in Leverkusen. Peace filled with memory…


A “landscape” shot to end this post



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