Spring in Offenbach

May 19th, 2010
Spring in Offenbach

Some pictures of how spring season looks like in Offenbach 🙂

Spring in Offenbach

Spring in Offenbach

Spring in Offenbach

To be honest, I hoped Phuong (Admire) to be here ’cause she loves spring and would photograph these better than me, but unfortunately, she couldn’t make it this year… Sigh…

Spring in Offenbach

(Photo taken using Olympus E620, OM 50mm f1.8)

5 Responses to Spring in Offenbach

  1. mphuongc15 says:

    You’ve already done a great job here. Really beautiful 🙂

  2. see the last photo… would be best if we could sit there…

  3. mphuongc15 says:

    yeah, we should move there…

  4. lionessvn says:

    Aww how sweet you two! I’d like to see a capture of you both sitting there sipping tea together 😉
    Perhaps if you come to sydney during spring, we can try that!

  5. @lionessvn: oi.. hope we can visit Sydney one day… Btw, you already got a house there right ;;)

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