The making of some BnW images

May 24th, 2010
Frankfurt - on a sunny day

I went out for a walk along the river Main in Frankfurt on a rare sunny day of the week.

Aside from a pleasant walk, I also want to shoot some black and white (BnW) images. Often, BnW processing comes only as an option while I’m developing photos, by playing around in Photoshop until something looks good :”>

So, this time I tried to imagine the scene in black and white before pressing the shutter button while seeking for things like contrast and shadows, the difference in colors, the patterns, etc…

Frankfurt - on a sunny day

Frankfurt - on a sunny day

Frankfurt - on a sunny day

Frankfurt - on a sunny day

Well, not many photos were taken and not all of the results work well in BnW as I thought. But it was a fun and enjoyable experience as I saw things beautiful in a different way…

(Photo taken using Olympus E620, Zuiko 12-60mm SWD)

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